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Hi, Amazing Human!

On this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with the Amazing Trevor Walraven. He shares his story of being incarcerated as a juvenile and the work he is now doing to help with the Juvenile Justice System. He did not let his incarceration hold him back from achieving success.

Trevor Walraven is a formerly incarcerated youth offender who served almost 18 years in correctional facilities starting at age 14. In February 2016, Trevor successfully proved outstanding rehabilitation and reformation under Oregon’s Second Look statute. He was the second juvenile lifer to be released under Second Look. While incarcerated, Trevor was the youngest elected president of the OSP Lifers Unlimited Club. He led Oregon’s Inside/Out Think Tank, which trains Oregon professors to teach Inside/Out around the globe and oversees Inside/Out classes in Oregon. Since his release, Trevor has spoken at many of Oregon’s institutions including universities, correctional facilities, and advocacy organizations about growing up in Oregon’s criminal justice system. Trevor provides data management, organization, and team communication to attorneys and professionals on criminal cases including but not limited to youth charged with violent crimes and capital cases. He supports paralegals and private investigators and provides training and consulting with experiential expertise on juvenile justice, restorative justice, and advocacy for both youth and adult incarceration issues within Oregon. Trevor was involved in the drafting and peripheral workgroups leading to the recent success of SB 1008.

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