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The Let Good Things In Show is all about second chances and the fact that our pasts don't have to define our future. The show will give hope and inspire those with a difficult past to see they are worth it and can have the success they want in life regardless of what society is telling them.

The show focuses on conversations with those who have overcome adversity such as incarceration, addiction, and mental illness. The conversations on the show are raw and real, nothing is off the table. Hear the voices of those who at one point felt like they didn't have a voice. These stories are inspiring and authentic.

There is also a lot of laughs and deep heart-felt discussions. Together we can change the world!


I am available to speak on your Podcast, Summit, Event, Live, etc.

I can talk about the following and more:

Life as a formerly incarcerated person
The importance of healthy boundaries
Adoption from the birth mom's perspective
Overcoming Addiction
Toxic Relationships

I bring a raw perspective and I always find a way to add humor to the mix. :)

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About Amanda

Coming from a past of drug abuse, homelessness, and being a formerly incarcerated person, Amanda has broken through and was able to let the good things into her life. Amanda is now on a mission to inspire and motivate people just like you. People who have had a difficult past and haven’t yet realized that they are stronger than they think and can have the life they want and deserve. Amanda wants to help you rise above the labels of society and burst through the ceilings that you have put on top of yourself. Amanda’s core message is that we are stronger than we think and can have the life we imagine regardless of our past.

She is now the host of The Let Good Things In Show, an international speaker, and author. Inspiring lives across the globe, by openly sharing her story and the lessons she learned along the way.

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Highlighting the Stories of the Formerly Incarcerated